Timmins Electric Motors Has Your Municipal Pump Solutions

Timmins Electric Motors is an authorized distributor for Crane Pumps & Systems in Piqua, Ohio. When you need the absolutely right motor for your area’s municipal wastewater and water supply jobs, Timmins stocks the most reliable pumps. Able to handle any work you have in any environment and terrain, the pumps you need and the brands you trust come from Crane Pumps & Systems:
Barnes Pressure Systems
Barnes products
Barnes submersible non-clogging solids-handling, grinder, sewage ejector and effluent pumps are used in municipal collection system lift stations, wastewater treatment plants and water treatment plants as well as residential and sewage applications. Basins and components are available in simplex, duplex and triplex configurations for lift and grinder pump stations.

Barnes Pressure Systems products
Barnes® Pressure Sewer Systems
Barnes Pressure Sewer Systems are a practical, environmentally safe and a lower-cost alternative to gravity sewers, especially in difficult terrain such as hilly or rocky ground and high water tables. These are primarily used by municipal or private utilities for residential applications. Ask Timmins about the simplex, duplex and triplex grinder pump basin packages we have available.

Crown products
Crown offers effective self-priming pumps for a wide variety of non-clogging solids handling or clear liquid applications for above-ground pump mounting in municipal applications.

Deming products
Timmins supplies a wide variety of Deming pumps that include end-suction, single and two-stage split-case pumps for municipal water supply and treatment systems. Also ask about submersible and vertical dry-pit pumps for sewage collection systems and wastewater treatment plants.

Weinman products
For superior performance in municipal water supply systems and water treatment plants, consult with Timmins Electric Motors about the Weinman single and two-stage split-case water pumps.

Burks products
Burks end-suction, self-priming and vertical multi-stage pumps can handle any applications for clear liquids with lower flow in municipal water supply systems and water treatment plants.

Prosser products
For eliminating unwanted water on construction sites, standing water or flooding, Timmins has a selection of Prosser slim-line portable electric or hymergible dewatering pumps from Crane Pumps & Systems.